What is a babyballet dance class? Taster Video!

babyballet dance class for preschoolersbabyballet dance classes give every child from 12 months to 6 years the chance to dance and have fun!

What does a babyballet class include? How does it benefit my child? Read on to find out more! PLUS a taster video so you can have a little practice at home first, before coming in for your first dance class!

At babyballet Papatoetoe we provide award-winning preschool dance classes. Our babyballet dance classes are bringing joy to thousands as we make learning to dance an unforgettable and magical experience – for you and your little star.

From twelve months to six years, our classes will give toddlers, young children and preschoolers the chance to dance. Gain confidence and shine, in a fun, caring and supportive environment. By learning through play, our qualified and welcoming teachers allow each child to develop at their own pace. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn in their own unique way. Having fun and making friends is all part of the experience at babyballet Papatoetoe. This makes our classes so much more than just a dance class. The educational, physical and social aspects of the classes make them the perfect preschool activity choice. Read more about the benefits of dance classes for kids here.

The concept of babyballet has been lovingly created and developed by Claire O’Connor and Barbara Peters. Their vast ballet knowledge and preschool dance experience has made babyballet the world’s leading preschool program.

Have a practice at home before coming into the studio…

I’ve created a taster video here so you can get a sneak peek at some of the exercises and dances that we do in class. Meet our teddy bear characters and feel more comfortable when you do come in to the studio for your first class!


preschool dance & ballet syllabus, ‘babyballet®’

three stages

Our preschool dance and ballet syllabus offers three stages of ballet dance classes. For young children aged 12 months to 6 years, plus a tap dancing class for children over 3 years.

All our babyballet® teachers undergo training, and have professional dance and teaching experience. They strive to create a fun, friendly and inclusive experience for everyone – no matter what your child’s age or ability.

Our classes are a great way for parents, carers and guardians to meet up and make new friends too!

Our programme provides the opportunity for babies and young children to learn and develop key life skills in a healthy and safe environment.

We look forward to welcoming you and your little ones to the magical world of babyballet® very soon!

Read reviews about our classes.

babyballet tinies dance class for 18 months to 3 years old

babyballet tinies

12 months – 2 yearsThe Tinies class introduces little ones to the basics of ballet using movement, play and song.

Building on movement and songs taught in class, babyballet Tinies develop their physical and communication skills in this fun-filled, lively environment. Parents are very much involved, as the children learn to move in time to the music whilst stimulating their imaginations and learning to count through song.

babyballet movers dance class for 3 year old and 4 year old

babyballet movers

3 – 4 yearsThe babyballet® Movers classes encourages preschool children to combine their imaginations with dance using movement and song.

The preschool years are crucial in your little one’s development. Our Movers class focuses on the further physical development of your child through dance, in combination with the use of imaginative storytelling. The Movers class is more than just dancing. It also gives children the chance to learn valuable skills by responding positively to both the teacher and the other children in the class.

Movers classes also include babyballet Tappers!

babyballet groovers dance class for 5 year old 6 year old

babyballet groovers

5 – 6 yearsThe final stage of babyballet® is our Groovers class which focuses on improving co-ordination, self control and social skills, in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

This school age class is a perfect way to bolster the preschool learning programme. By working on core development skills such as spatial awareness, numeracy and communication. As well as furthering their dance technique through a more structured ballet program, using simple steps as the basis of the class.

Groovers classes also include babyballet Tappers!

babyballet tap dancing class

babyballet® tappers

3 years onwardsOur preschool age tappers class is perfect for younger children who like to make a noise in their tap shoes!

For children aged 3 and above, this dynamic, upbeat class teaches little ones basic tap steps accompanied by catchy music and songs. Strengthening their feet, ankles and lower legs while also developing co-ordination and rhythm. Tappers classes are included in our Movers and Groovers classes here at babyballet Papatoetoe / The Renaissance School of Dance.

Can boys join in babyballet classes too?

Yes of course they can!

While the art and sport of dance is often thought of as a traditionally feminine activity. This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Dance is an art form that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender. That’s the magic of babyballet…fun and exciting dance classes for all!

These classes are a great foundation for developing further dance styles like jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and tap! Check out our article here about engaging boys in dance classes.


Still have questions?

Totally understandable if you didn’t dance as a child, or haven’t joined classes like this before. Give us a call on 021 756 858 for a chat and have a look at our FAQ’s page.


Welcome to the magical world of babyballet! Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!

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