Welcome to The Renaissance School of Dance

Discover a world of fun and excitement at our dance studio in Papatoetoe, Auckland. By fostering an environment of confidence and self-esteem, we aim to create wonderful humans as well as amazing dancers.

About the Renaissance School of Dance

Located in the Auckland suburb of Papatoetoe, The Renaissance School of Dance is the most comprehensive dance facility within the Manukau region – for over 20 years!

The teachers at The Renaissance School of Dance have a range of experience across multiple disciplines and dance styles. Our collective approach is to share our love of dance while being supportive and encouraging so we develop confident and capable people, not just dancers.

It is important to us that our team, students and member families share our vision, our purpose and the philosophy that encompasses everything we do. This is a vision that is shared and demonstrated by the directors, teachers and staff members at our studio and it is the driving force behind every interaction with our students and their families.

We know your goal as a parent is to foster confidence, build resilience and provide opportunities for your little one to thrive and shine – that’s our goals for our dancers too! Or it might simply be to have less screen time, more physical activity and develop new skills – either way, we have a class for you!



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Dance is Not All We Teach

Our Purpose is to SHARE THE LOVE, we do this through creating a safe space to build confidence.

At The Renaissance School of Dance (RSD,) we could say we strive for providing excellence and high-quality dance classes…but it’s much more than that.

Welcome to the RSD Family…the family you can choose.

and we are
…one dance class at a time!

Our Values

We're a Values Based business..

  • Aroha: We care. We love what we do. We are always genuine and authentic. We exist for the joy of dance and we want everyone to have an opportunity to learn to dance.
  • Growth: We are hungry for and committed to achievement. There’s always a lesson to be learnt in everything that we do, big and small. We encourage growth in our students. Growth looks different for everyone & we support everyone individually.
  • Belonging: Everyone is welcome at our place. We create a safe place for them to be themselves. There is no perfect type for a dancer – anyone can dance. We celebrate individuality and support everyone to enjoy dancing.
  • Appreciation: We respect and appreciate everyone for what they contribute. We are honoured to be part of your child’s journey. We support each other to make things easier for the wider team.
  • Pride: We are humbly confident. We take pride in our work and pride in what we achieve individually and together. We celebrate successes at all levels. We measure in terms of improvement rather than comparing.

Our Team

The Renaissance School of Dance team of accredited and friendly dance instructors have a range of dance and life skills they can share with our students.

Come and visit our dance studio in Papatoetoe, Auckland for a free trial lesson and get to know our faculty.

Dance is Not All We Teach

Discover Auckland dance lessons that build confidence, resilience and lasting friendships.