FAQ’s & SAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothes does my dancer wear? Do I have to purchase the uniform

For your first class we recommend comfortable clothing, tshirt and leggings with barefeet. For hip hop please wear sneakers. For babyballet you are welcome to wear a pretty skirt or dress!

However, once you register, there is a set uniform for each dance style. These are of high quality and designed to keep the body free to move and for the teacher to be able to see the body movements. Our uniforms are custom-made for RSD students! Uniform sets and items including shoes can be purchased directly from the dance school: www.renaissancedance.co.nz/uniform

How do the payment of fees work?

Once you have registered with the dance studio, you will be asked for your bank account or credit card details. We will set-up monthly payments – the first part payment will be charged when you sign up and then on the 5th of each subsequent month. We will email you with your login details to our Parent Portal so that you can view your account and all other membership information. Membership is for the calendar year (we continue classes throughout the holidays). You will need to re-register each year.

There are added e-payment fees:

Bank Account $1.15 per transaction
Credit/Debit Card $0.82 per transaction
Visa/Mastercard Merchant Servce Fee 3.45% of transaction
Failed Bank Account Payment $5.75 per transaction

Can I pay per class?

No. Fees are posted in the Parent Portal at the commencement of your registration for Feb – June and July – Dec. We will set up a monthly payment plan OR the full amount is due within 30 days after the issue date. We do not hold drop-in classes. Our programs run on a yearly basis and the best results are seen from attended classes on a consistent & regular basis.

What if my child is injured or sick and cannot attend classes?

We welcome injured students to still attend and watch their classes so they can continue to learn. If your child is sick, you can mark your absence and arrange a make-up class in our Parent Portal – this could be any of the same dance styles at a different day/time OR any of a different dance style but within the same age range. Class fees are non-refundable in the case of injury or sickness.

We are going away on holiday, what do we do?

As we run our classes throughout the school holidays, we understand that families may go on holiday from time-to-time. This doesn’t need to affect your dance training! You can mark your absence and arrange a make-up class in our Parent Portal – this could be any of the same dance styles at a different day/time OR any of a different dance style but within the same age range. Class fees are non-refundable in the case of holidays.

Can I join mid-term?

Yes of course! We take registrations year round – our classes even continue through the school holidays! We recommend starting sooner rather than later so that your budding dancer doesn’t fall behind the rest of the class, and so you don’t miss out on a place in our popular classes! Your fees will be charged accordingly from your start date onwards.

Can I stay and watch my child in class?

Parents/caregivers are not permitted to watch the classes from inside the studio, as this distracts all the students in the class. However, our studio facilities are designed that you can watch through the windows into the studios.

For our youngest dancers, during the first few weeks of starting, parents are allowed to come into the studio to help build the child’s confidence.

Should have Asked Questions

My child loves performing, will there be opportunities to perform?

Yes of course! Performing is a wonderful way to build confidence and self-esteem.

Our dance studio produces a major stage production in September and a babyballet® show in November every year at a professional theatre. The children also get to help choreograph their dances, design their costumes and have a say in other production ideas!

As well as assessments and earning awards throughout the year!

Can my child earn awards for different levels?

Yes! That’s what growth is all about! We host examinations and performance award sessions twice a year. These are set by national and international associations as well as in-house awards and assessments. These assessments start from as early as 4 years old and some include a presentation of awards. As your son/daughter gets older and higher up the grades, examinations can qualify them to teach dance and/or study in New Zealand and overseas. They look great on school and university applications too!

What additional benefits can I expect as a member of the RSD Family?

As a member of our studio, it means you’ll have access to our regular newsletters, digital classroom app, Movitae and studio events such as Teddy Bears Picnic, Performance Awards, Exams & Assessments – and the yearly shows on stage!

Of course you will also be proud of seeing your child grow in confidence and resilience as they learn new skills month by month and watching them shine when performing!

Where can I get more information, a timetable and registration form?

Please phone/text 021 756 858 or hello@rsd.co.nz for a registration pack.

What is the cancellation policy should I need to cancel?

We’d be sad to see you leave our studio 🙁 However, we have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Simply get in touch with us and your membership will be cancelled, assuming your fees/payments are all up-to-date. Perhaps you might consider trying a different class or teacher? We have over 50 classes to choose from! If you are moving out of the area we do have a long list of recommended dance studios – just ask!

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