This is Lisa. How dance classes have contributed to her growth in confidence.

this is lisa. grown in so much confidence over the last 2 years!

THIS IS LISA (on the right). How dance classes have contributed to her growth in confidence.
When Lisa first started dancing 2 years ago, her parents were hesitant…while she loved dancing around at home and got excited about coming to dance class, when Lisa actually got to the studio she would break down in tears. Overwhelmed with the music, instructions from the teacher, all these other ‘new’ people around.
We encouraged the parents to commit to at least a term, as we KNEW she loved dancing…she would show her family the dance moves at home!
Gradually, gradually, each week, starting with reaching out to take a ribbon from the teacher, standing to practice bending knees (plies) in the corner. Lisa started to come out of her shell. With an upcoming stage show, her parents were again apprehensive, but decided to give her the chance, give her the opportunity to at least have the back stage experience (getting dressed up, facepainted, photos taken), even if she didn’t get onto the stage.
Lisa has thrived in the dance studio, taking weekly babyballet® classes (in the studio, online live, pre-recorded and grass classes!) Her confidence has grown immensely, making lifelong friends (as seen in the picture!) and started school with courage and determination. Lisa has performed on stage (without needing mum or dad backstage with her!) and in 2 dance/music videos!
Lisa has come a long way! Thanks to her dance classes – And a big shoutout to her parents for sticking through the journey and providing the opportunity for Lisa to experience dance, to encourage self-expression, develop in confidence and building resilience.
Lisa is an awesome human being!
If you have a little one, just like Lisa, a bit shy, a bit apprehensive but LOVES to dance around at home – give it a go! Book in a trial class at The Renaissance School of Dance, you never know where the RSD dance experience may take her!

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