Tap Dancing: What Is It?!

tap dancing boy and his passionate teacher

It’s International Tap Dance Day! May 25th offers a perfect opportunity to explore the fascinating world of tap dancing. This dance form, characterized by its unique blend of movement and music, has been captivating audiences for generations. For parents of children aged 3-12 years, tap dancing presents an engaging and beneficial extracurricular activity that can significantly contribute to their child’s development. Let’s delve into what it is and the many benefits it offers.

The Essence of Tap Dancingpreschool dancer and her teacher

It is a form of dance where the dancer wears shoes equipped with metal taps on the heel and toe. These taps create rhythmic sounds and patterns when the dancer strikes the floor, effectively turning their feet into percussion instruments. The beauty of tap dancing lies in its dual nature: it is both a dance and a musical performance. Dancers learn to produce intricate rhythms and melodies with their feet, combining physical movement with musical creativity.

Benefits of Tap Dancing for Children

This dance style offers a range of developmental benefits for children, making it an excellent choice for parents looking for a fun and educational activity for their kids. They just think they are having fun! But here are five other key advantages:

1. Brain Developmentmany benefits of tap dancing for preschoolers

Tap dancing engages multiple parts of the brain simultaneously, thanks to the combined elements of counting, music, and movement. This multifaceted engagement helps improve brain capacity and cognitive functions. Learning complex tap routines can enhance memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. This aligns with our value of Growth, encouraging children to expand their capabilities.

2. Gross Motor Skills

The physical demands of tap dancing help children develop coordination and gross motor skills. The precise footwork required in tap dancing strengthens muscles and improves overall body control. This is particularly beneficial for high-energy kids who need an outlet to channel their energy positively. At RSD, we value Aroha, nurturing each child’s physical development with genuine care.

3. Teamwork and Social Skillstap dance class for children

Tap classes often involve group performances, where each child must understand and perform their part in a larger ensemble. This aspect of tap dancing fosters teamwork and social skills, as children learn to listen, cooperate, and synchronize with others to create harmonious rhythms. This supports our value of Belonging, creating a supportive and inclusive community.

4. Academic Achievement

Research has shown that musical training, like that involved in tap dancing, is related to higher IQ, better standardized test scores, and overall academic achievement. The rhythm and musicality practiced in tap class can enhance mathematical skills, as children learn about ratios, fractions, and proportions through rhythm. This reflects our commitment to Growth, supporting holistic development.

5. Self-Esteem and Confidence

Mastering tap dance routines and performing in front of an audience can significantly boost a child’s self-esteem. The sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from overcoming challenges and showcasing their skills can foster a positive self-image and confidence. This embodies our value of Pride, celebrating each child’s achievements.

Tap Dancing at Renaissance School of Dance


At The Renaissance School of Dance, we are committed to creating a nurturing environment where children can thrive through dance. Our tap classes are designed to be fun and structured, ensuring that each child enjoys their learning journey while developing essential skills. We believe in the power of dance to build confidence, resilience, and social skills in a supportive community.

babyballet tap dance class

We offer tap dancing as part of all our programs for 3-6 year olds, including babyballet, Dancely, and AcroDance. This integration allows even our youngest dancers to experience the joy and benefits of tap dancing. Additionally, to make it easier for parents, we sell tap shoes at our studio, ensuring that your child has everything they need to start tapping right away.

Our approach aligns with the RSD values: Aroha, by providing genuine care and love for dance; Growth, by encouraging each child’s development; Belonging, by creating a welcoming environment; Appreciation, by respecting each child’s journey and parent’s time and effort; and Pride, by celebrating individual and collective achievements.

To celebrate International Tap Dance Day, we invite you to book a free trial class for your child. Experience firsthand the joy and benefits of tap dancing. Join our dance family and let your child embark on a journey of growth and discovery through the art of tap dance.

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