[Take a Selah moment] Stop, Pause and Ponder GUEST BLOG by Donna Hann

How often do you pause and reflect?

What’s a Selah moment? A moment where people stop, pause and ponder. It’s a hebrew word, meaning to pause and reflect.

When we give ourselves permission to take a selah moment, we give ourselves permission to unravel. As humans, we need to unravel, we’re not built to go, go, go! It’s not healthy to operate from a state of pressure and stress all the time. We can go in sprints, but then we need to slow down and take rest.

Being intentional about rest is a practice, the more you do it the easier it is.

Have you noticed that when you take a holiday, unplug, you come up with great ideas? This is because you’ve given yourself white space, you allow yourself to listen to yourself.

Why don’t we give ourselves Selah moments? Usually its guilt. It’s a common misguided habit that we don’t know how to just be, because we simply were not taught how to do it. Societal pressures have taught generations after generations that being busy = success. Being outwardly productive = success. But what drives us to be our best self, comes from the inside. It comes from listening to what our soul needs. To live our truest values (which is where happiness thrives) we need to pay attention and listen to what our soul is saying. To do that we need to practice tenderness, self love, rest and reflection.

When it comes to mothering, running a growing business and self care, guilt serves no-one. I used to think of intentional rest as an indulgence, I used to feel guilty about it. But in actual fact, it’s my responsibility, in showing up as my best self (to all areas of my life) and honouring myself, because I am worthy of rest, I am worthy of self reflection, using a quote from Maya Angelou when ‘When you know better, you do better’. So it’s not an indulgence, it’s essential.

So my question to you is, ‘How are you going to take ‘Selah’ moments on a regular basis, so that you can allow yourself to unravel by choice, rather than fall to pieces when your body has had enough and forces you to take a break’?

I believe building and growing a business around the needs of your family takes a holistic approach, which is why I created the Ready to Rise program. Burnout in female entrepreneurs is common because we expect so much of ourselves, we don’t listen to the whispers, the gentle nudges our body and soul gives us, we just keep pushing through, we suck it up and keep going – until we have a ‘valid’ reason to rest such as sickness or burn out.

I want you to burn bright, not burn out – I’m pretty sure you want that too!

So take a moment every day, to stop, breathe, centre yourself and listen to her. Listen to your inner knowing. Honour your inner voice, honour your body and take the time to listen – because you are worth it! You need no reason or excuse to rest.

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Have a fabulous weekend!
Much love
Donna x

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