School Holiday Dance Classes: Keep the Beat Going!

Dance to the Rhythm of Every Season: The Unbeaten Path of Continuous Learning

At The Renaissance School of Dance (RSD) in South Auckland, we dance to a different beat. One that thrives throughout the year, school holidays included. Unlike traditional dance schools that work on 9-10 week terms, RSD keeps going! Keeping the rhythm going, ensures that our young dancers continue to grow, learn, and connect. Here’s why our School Holiday Dance Classes are not just unique but also incredibly beneficial for your child.

Uninterrupted Growth and Learning

Growth is at the heart of everything we do at RSD. By continuing classes during the school holidays, we provide an uninterrupted pathway for consistent growth and learning. This consistent exposure to dance helps solidify the skills they’ve learned. Allowing for a deeper and more profound mastery of dance techniques and expressions. It’s about building confidence, resilience, and a love for dance that knows no season.aroha dance heart love

Strengthening Bonds of Belonging and Aroha

Our dance floor is a space where every child feels they belong, fostering a sense of community and support. School Holiday Dance Classes offer an excellent opportunity for children to strengthen their relationships with teachers and fellow dancers. Often school holidays classes are often a little smaller, meaning more focused time with your child’s dance teacher. These bonds are the foundation of a supportive dance family. Rooted in our core values of belonging and aroha (love), it’s where friendships blossom, and the joy of dance is shared.

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Makeup Classes: Flexibility and Value

Understanding the need for flexibility, RSD offers makeup classes for those times families choose to go away. These classes ensure that parents still receive value for their investment in dance education. Giving you the assurance that your child won’t miss out on the opportunity to grow and learn. You can book makeup classes for any other class of that age group (we have classes everyday!), and can be done easily through our RSD app.beach theme dance class

A Week of Themed Fun

One of the highlights of our School Holiday Dance Classes is our studio theme weeks! Imagine the studio transformed into a beach paradise, a jungle adventure, or a vibrant circus. This special week is filled with themed routines, games, and activities, encouraging creativity and enchantment. It’s a time when children and teachers alike can dress up and dive into a world of imagination and joy, making learning even more fun!

Why Choose RSD for Dance Classes?
  1. Continuous Learning: Our year-round classes mean your child continues to learn and grow without interruption, making progress in leaps and bounds.
  2. Community and Connection: Strengthening relationships within our dance family is paramount, and our holiday classes continue to foster a deep sense of belonging and love. And we know how important human connection is with the develop of AI technology!
  3. Flexibility and Value: With our makeup class policy, you can rest assured that your investment in your child’s dance education provides continuous value, even when life takes you on adventures outside of dance.
  4. Creative and Fun: Our themed week is just one example of how we incorporate creativity and fun into our classes, ensuring that learning dance is always an enjoyable experience.

Dance is a journey that doesn’t need to pause for the school holidays. At RSD, we’ve crafted an environment where continuous learning, community, flexibility, and fun pave the way for every child to grow into happy and confident dancers. Join us at our studio in South Auckland and let’s keep the beat going together! #ShareTheLove #DanceIsNotAllWeTeach

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Dance is Not All We Teach

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