First Day at Dance Class: Stepping into Confidence

engaging dance teacher with her students sitting around herWelcome to The Renaissance School of Dance. A place where every step your child takes is a step towards confidence, fun, and a sense of belonging. We understand that the first day of dance class can be filled with excitement and a little bit of nervousness. For both for little ones and for you as parents (we call this being ner-cited!). Here’s what you can expect on your child’s first day with us, ensuring it’s a memorable and joyful experience.

Upon Arrival at your First Day

From the moment you walk into our studio, you’ll be greeted by the warm smiles of our welcoming team. We invite you to visit our Welcome Desk to introduce yourself and your child. Here, we’ll take the time to introduce your child to their new teacher and some new friends. Making them feel part of our dance family right away. We’ll also show you around the studio, pointing out where to store your belongings and where the bathrooms are. Ensuring everything is ready for a fantastic first class. positive role model dance educator surrounded by her students

During the Dance Class

Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging from start to finish. With plenty of free parking, arriving is stress-free. While we do have a uniform you can purchase, this is not necessary for the first class. Dancers should wear comfortable clothing like leggings, T-shirts, or singlets, and bare feet are fine for the first class. For our hip-hop enthusiasts, sneakers are the way to go, and for our babyballet stars, a favorite skirt or dress that makes them feel like a ballerina is perfect!

Your child will dive into a world of fun exercises, games, and short dance routines, giving you a glimpse of what The Renaissance School of Dance is all about. Our friendly and inclusive teachers, assisted by ‘big kids’ (as part of our DanceStep program), ensure that everyone finds their rhythm and feels supported. We encourage little ones tap dancing shoes sitting in a circleparents to watch the class through our large windows, sitting outside the studios. However, we understand some children might feel a bit nervous. So for those needing a bit of extra comfort, parents are welcome to join in, especially for toddlers or preschoolers.

Our 3-6 year old classes, babyballet, dancely and acrodance also include 15 minutes of tap dancing! This part of the class is lots of fun for the little ones to make lots of noise! While they are having fun, little do they know they are also improving their counting & rhythm skills. Also strengthening their lower legs muscles and co-ordination!

After your First Day at Dance Classchildren with their hands together of their circle, showing off their stickers earned from dance class

At the end of the class, each child will be celebrated with a special stamp or sticker, a symbol of their first dance achievement. We invite parents for a quick chat with the teacher to share and discuss their child’s experience. Then, we feel free to chat with our friendly staff at the Welcome Desk. We’re happy to address any questions about enrolling or to gather more information. We’re committed to following up (via email and/or phone call) with every family within 48 hours. Ensuring you have all the details to continue your dance journey with us.

Ready to Join Us?

Your child’s first day at The Renaissance School of Dance is just the beginning of a beautiful journey of growth, confidence, and joy. We can’t wait to welcome you and your little dancer into our family! Remember to bring your happy faces, a positive attitude, and a water bottle. Let’s dance into a world of fun and friendship together!

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