Engaging Boys in Dance Classes

stretching in straddle, gymnastics and acro class
acro dance for kids - build strength and coordination

acro dance for kids – build strength and coordination

The art and sport of dance is often thought of as a traditionally feminine activity. However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Dance is an art form that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender. In fact, many dance schools have seen a growing number of boys and young men participating in their programs. In this blog post, we will address the myth that dance is only for girls and provide tips for engaging boys in this art form.

The Myth of Dance as a Feminine Activity:

One of the biggest barriers to engaging boys in dance is the belief that this art form is only for girls. This myth is perpetuated by society’s traditional gender norms, which dictate that boys should participate in “masculine” activities like sports and girls should participate in “feminine” activities like dance. However, this belief is simply not true. Dance is a physical and athletic activity that requires strength, coordination, and endurance, making it an ideal activity for boys and young men. By breaking down these gender stereotypes, we can encourage more boys to participate in dance classes and reap the benefits of this art form.

Tips for Engaging Boys in Dance Classes:

Emphasize the physicality of dance, it requires strength, coordination, and endurance. By emphasizing the athleticism and physicality of dance, we can encourage boys to see it as a viable activity that can improve their fitness and overall health. It can also promote and complement other physical activities, such as sports, by highlighting the similar skill sets required such as team work, determination and resilience.

Incorporating Masculine Elements: dance can be made more appealing to boys by incorporating masculine elements into the choreography. It doesn’t have to be all about grace and wiggling hips. By including other elements, boys can see dance as an activity that aligns with their interests and values.

Provide Male Role Models: Having male role models in the dance school can be beneficial for boys who may feel hesitant to participate in an activity that is perceived as feminine. Having older male students who are passionate about dance can help boys see that it is an activity that is enjoyed by people of all genders. In fact, most of our classes have boys in them!

Make it Fun: At the end of the day, the most important factor in engaging boys in dance classes is by making it fun and an enjoyable experience. By creating a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages creativity and self-expression, we can encourage boys to see dance as a fun and engaging activity that they want to participate in.

Benefits of Engaging Boys in Dance classes:

Engaging boys in dance classes can have a range of benefits, including promoting physical fitness, developing coordination and balance, and promoting social and emotional development. Additionally, by breaking down gender stereotypes and encouraging boys to participate in traditionally feminine activities, we can promote gender equality and create a more inclusive and diverse community.

Boys Dance Classes South AucklandThe myth that dance classes are only for girls is simply not true. By emphasizing the physicality of dance, incorporating masculine elements, providing male role models, and making it fun, we can engage boys in this art form and promote gender equality and inclusivity. 

At The Renaissance School of Dance, we have created a more inclusive and diverse community. Dance classes that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender, and we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all who wish to participate.

If you have a boy that loves to dance at home, why not book him in for a free trial class in jazz, tap, hip hop, acro dance (gymnastics) or musical theatre. He might even enjoy ballet or contemporary! 

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