Back-To-School Smooth Moves: 5 Tips to Kick Nerves to the Curb!

how to ease back to school nervesBack-To-School Smooth Moves: 5 Tips to Kick Nerves to the Curb!

Hey there, parents! As we gear up for the new school year, we know those back-to-school nerves can sneak up on us, especially after the laid-back days of summer. But fear not! Miss Margs here, ready to share five easy-peasy ways to turn those jitters into joy. Let’s dive right in!

1. Snack Attack:
Why not turn lunchtime into a mini celebration with your kiddo’s favorite snacks? From homemade treats to their go-to munchies, a well-packed lunchbox can be a game-changer. It’s like a surprise party in every bite! Plus, it’s a surefire way to get them excited about the midday break.

2. Test Drive the Route:

New school? New house? No problem! Take the stress out of the first day by doing a trial run. Whether you’re driving, bussing or walking, a practice run helps your child feel confident about the journey. Familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence makes for a smoother transition into the school routine.

3. Get Crafty with Supplies:

Who said stationery has to be boring? Head over to Warehouse Stationery and explore their fantastic range of stationery supplies. Let your little ones express their creativity and add a personal touch to their supplies. A splash of color and creativity can turn any school day into a masterpiece! is a small family business – designed by a kiwi mum from Kumeu. They have some cool pencil cases and book bags. Along with many other essential kids stuff! Check it out #supportkiwi

4. Buddy Up:

Friends make everything better, right? Even if your child’s BFFs aren’t at the same school, don’t fret. Encourage them to reach out and connect with classmates. Sharing experiences and talking about common nerves can make the first day a whole lot less daunting.

5. After-School Rhythms:

Ease the transition from school to dance floor by packing your dance bag the night before. Remember to include a healthy-energy snack. Having everything ready to go in the car is one less thing to think about. Another tip is to create a visual afterschool activity timetable. So your children can see what’s happening after school and have something exciting to look forward to. You’re welcome to come straight to the studio after school, use our wifi, have your afternoon snack. Leaving ample time for homework, ensuring a balanced and stress-free schedule.

BONUS TIP: Talk about it.

Talk about the nerves you’re feeling – both child and parent! As Brene Brown is famously known for: Name It To Tame It. Talk about what it feels like in the body. Talk about what exactly are we nervous, anxious, afraid of. Discuss what could possibly go wrong – be silly, be crazy, make it funny, as well as be real! Also talk about what others could be feeling…probably the same thing! Also talk about all the exciting and fun things about school – things to look forward to.

So there you have it, five simple ways to turn those back-to-school nerves into confident dance moves! This is what I’ve done with my children, hoping some of these tips can help with you and your family too!

Can’t wait to see all our little stars back on the RSD dance floor starting from 30th January 2024! Haven’t enrolled yet? Or want to book a trial? Email or call 021 756 858

Let’s make this year a dance-tastic one! ???

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