Acro Dance Classes for kids

Acro dance classes for kids is a hot topic right now! Here we explore what are Acro Dance classes for kids, what are the benefits of Acro Dance and how can you get started.

Acro Dance is a combination of Acrobatics and simple dance moves to create a fun and enjoyable dance genre that teaches kids a great range of skills. Using strength and flexibility to develop gymnastic-based tricks, it is the fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements.

What are the benefits of Acro Dance?

Acro dance classes for children are great fun but the benefits of it are the main reasons that parents are having their kids try it out.

Increased strength

One of the main benefits is the increase in physical strength. It is an easy and fun way to build muscle, with upper and lower body strength improving with the dance lessons. Your child may not even realise they’re building up muscle as we do this using fun and games! Great upper- and lower-body strength is needed so they will naturally build strength.

Grow confidence and self esteem

An extremely important benefit to any type of dance is the improvement to confidence that kids get from it and this is true with acro dance. With improved confidence, benefits can be seen in other areas of their lives, like reducing stress from school or exams and high body self esteem.

Improved flexibility and balance

Dance is excellent for improving balance and learning coordination that will last into adulthood. Acro dance, even more than some other styles of dance, builds this quickly. The more flexible they are, the more they can do!

Better coordination

Acro dance is fantastic to help teach better coordination. That’s because the acrobatic element of dance takes a lot to learn but once you have mastered it, you will naturally have better coordination. With things like cartwheels and hand walking common among the dances, coordination is improved naturally.

Improved social skills and self expression

Children are naturally more sociable when they learn to dance because they have to work with others to complete the dance routines. It also gives them a shared interest and starts those conversations. It can help form bonds that last forever.

Acro dance is a great way to improve self-expression so that kids can tell others that’s wrong, what they enjoy and how they feel. It can be an emotional outlet, a safe space and a way to turn their energy into something positive and fun.

The range of dance programs at RSD

The Renaissance School of Dance Acro Dance classes teach flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination. We also offer a range of classes in our dance studio, including:

  • Jazz dance classes
  • Tap dance classes
  • Contemporary dance classes
  • Hip Hop classes
  • Musical Theatre dance classes

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