7 Reasons To Be On Time (Or Early) For Your Dance Class

1. The earlier you aim to arrive, the better parking you’ll get! It’s Auckland and who knows what the traffic will be like – so to be on the safe side it always pays to give yourself some extra time for that crazy traffic! (and why does it always get worse when it’s raining?!)

2. You get to hang out in the waiting room with other awesome dancers and parents, meet new people, make friends and strengthen relationships. This is for both the young ones and the parents – you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn 🙂

3. You’ll have plenty of time to fill your drink bottle in the kitchen (or buy one from the dairy downstairs) and go to the toilet before class. Parents, you’re also welcome to help yourself to a cuppa in the kitchen!

4. You’ll have a few minutes to get mentally prepared for the class, leaving the stresses of the day, relaxing and enjoying the magic that’s about to happen! Bonus: go over new dance moves and routines that you learnt from the previous class: your teacher will be well impressed that you’ve remembered! Not sure? Ask your fellow classmates (who are also early!): two minds are better than one!

5. Welcome new dancers, give them a warm and welcoming RSD smile! We have new dancers starting all the time, why not extend a hand and show them how we do things here at RSD!

6. This one is for the parents: I know parenting has your attention in a thousand different areas, but take a moment to sit & relax on our couches, keep an eye on the tv in the waiting area, catch up with recent announcements, read the posters on the wall. Do you know what events are coming up?

7. What does being late say about you? If you are often late it says to your fellow dancers and your teacher that you don’t care or lack commitment.

What time is on time? It doesn’t mean walking up the stairs and rocking straight into the studio. Arriving 5-15minutes early gives you plenty of time to prepare for your class, to prepare for the awesomeness about to happen! Late is when the teacher is calling the roll or started the warm up!

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