10 Awesome (and wholesome) Instagram pages you should be following!

While there are instagram accounts that can be a bit cringy or questionable – we’ve found a few that we know you’ll love!

babyballet World

We are proud to be part of the babyballet worldwide family! Follow this page to stay up-to-date on all things babyballet from across the world! 

Manukau Performing Arts

MPA is the local theatre here in South Auckland. Over the years many RSD students have  performed in productions here! Stay up to date with the latest upcoming shows!

Jordan Matter

This account is full of amazingly creative dance photography! Jordan is an American photographer who is known for his bright coloured and high energy photo shoots – you’ll often see videos of behind the scenes!

Oke Charity

Run by one of the RSD dance families…this local charity is literally growing mighty kids through gardens in schools and education programs around healthy eating. Check them out…or even better make a donation on their GiveALittle page!

Richy Jackson

Richy is Lady Gaga’s choreographer. His style is a fusion of Hiphop, jazz and ballet technique  which creates unique choreography! Richy choreographed the dance RSD taught on International  Dance Day 2021! How cool is that!? 

Alex Wong

Alex is an amazing male dancer from the USA who has danced with various ballet companies and  stage productions. Follow his journey and be amazed by his flexibility (and his hilarious humour!). Smile guaranteed every time he posts something – So creative and fun!

Dido Cafe

We are very excited that a new – and really good – cafe has opened up right opposite the studio! While they have great coffee, be sure to bite into their decadent donuts, yummy sandwiches, super salads and hot pies! Their food (if there is any left!) is 50% off from 3 – 6pm for local school kids in their uniforms!

No Nasties

Pretty Packages of Fun ? Natural Play Makeup for Kids ? Plant-based Hair Care ? Biodegradable Water Beads ? All the Happy with No Nasties ?

Biscuit Ballerina

Ballet is hard – and this account by a professional ballerina shares funny bloopers and makes fun of ballet in a light hearted and fun way 🙂 

The Sullivan Twins

Amazing dancers that post amazing routines that focus on musicality and the art form of dance – it’s not all about the tricks – what makes them even more amazing – yes they are actually twins!


Collated by Miss Millie & Miss Margs

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