I don’t wanna dance!

3rd April 2021

I don’t wanna dance!!!

Heard this in your house before? 

Has your keen dancer gone from counting down the seconds ’til class to refusing to go? Don’t throw the towel in just yet! We’ve got some tips and tricks to get them back to loving it!


  1. First of all, as a parent, we need to find out if this is just a ‘today thing’ or not. Sometimes being tired, hungry or not feeling well can manifest as “I don’t want to dance!” Taking one class off can sometimes be the cure!  (remember you can always book a make-up class too! So you will still be getting value for your moolah!)
  2. Is the time of their class too late? Has there been too much activity in their day already? Perhaps moving the dancers class to a different day or time would give them lots more energy for class? Simply message us and we can reschedule their class to another day or time – either short-term or long-term.
  3. Is there something bothering them in class- is a move too hard? Talk to their teacher and encourage a growth mindset- sometimes you’ve got to work at things for a while to get them!
  4. Maybe their class is too easy or the dance style just isn’t their thing? Chat to our staff and trial another level or dance style!  Try musical theatre, tap, or acro instead?!
  5. Feeling uncomfy in their dance gear or shoes? Check out our uniform shop for some options – an RSD t-shirt might help that sense of belonging!
  6. Are they feeling nervous for their exam or performance? Talk to the teacher or classmates! They are always happy to chat and others will be feeling the same way! Remember- it will feel like you can do anything once you’ve tackled those stage nerves!At the end of the day, remember we all have bad days! This doesn’t mean the end of the world, or the end of your little one dance journey. Let’s work through this together and find their spark, find their class and bring that sense of joy back to class again! 😀

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