Confident Kids: THIS IS SHYLA.

THIS IS SHYLA. How dance classes have contributed to her growth in confidence and becoming a strong young woman.

developing confident children - dance classesShyla started dancing at 5 years old. She loved ballet class from day one. While her dad was apprehensive to begin with, mum was happy she’d finally stopped nagging to do dance class! “I honestly thought it was going to be a 6 month phase…how wrong was I?!”

Doing one class a week wasn’t enough…she had caught the dancing bug! She soon took up tap and jazz class as well. 

Shyla has many fond memories (that she still talks about!) of her first years of dance classes, making new friends, looking up to the big girls and performing on stage!

At 6 years old Shyla was invited to join the RSD Performance Team as she was showing great commitment to dance and an eagerness to learn more! This provided Shyla the opportunity to compete, perform on stage more often, travel around the country and even to Australia!

This young girl has taken every opportunity she has to improve, to take classes, to perform, to achieve the next level through exams and performance awards. While she wasn’t always the best in class, she has persevered and improved year upon year.  Always striving for HER best, not comparing herself to others and ultimately how to perform with heart, becoming the best dancer she can be. This mindset and attitude has set her up for success in everything she does. Confidence and resilience – she has this in spades!

When I mentioned this to Shyla, she bristled proudly and responded with thanks that she was in the right environment. The teachers, other dancers and culture at RSD has supported and provided her with a sense of belonging. Where it’s okay to be yourself. “It’s like my second home”.

Now at 15 years old, Shyla is continuing to thrive within the dance studio, at school and in the community. She has auditioned for many community theatre productions, most recently performing in the Manukau Performing Arts production of Singing in the Rain).

As a Level 5 DanceStep leader, she is learning what it means to be a positive role model, a leader and teacher in our studio. Shyla is almost ready to be responsible for teaching her own classes in tap and musical theatre.

Shyla is a confident, responsible, reliable, young woman, always ready to take on a challenge. She’s proud of who she is, has made lifelong friends (as seen in the picture!) and is looking forward to what the future holds (or rather the future she is creating for herself). Something within the performing arts industry of course!

Shyla has come a long way! Thanks to her dance classes.  A big shoutout to her parents for sticking through the journey, providing the opportunity for this wonderful young woman to experience dance. Encouraging self-expression, developing in confidence and building resilience.

Dad is now onboard and can see how dance has and continues to be a big positive part of Shyla’s life. Shyla is an awesome human being!

If you have a little one, who LOVES to dance around at home and you’re looking for a positive environment to encourage and foster that love of dance in a friendly and nurturing culture. Book in a trial class at The Renaissance School of Dance, you never know where the RSD dance experience may take them!

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